Classification of Cup Anemometers
According to IEC 61400-12-1
The ACCUWIND method

The ACCUWIND classification method is part of the IEC61400-12-1 standard from 2005 in annex I and J. The classifications of the cup anemometers from the ACCUWIND project are obsolete and should not be used in siting or power performance projects.

The IEC61400-12-1 standard i being revised at the moment and a new version is expected ultimo 2016. Stronger requirements on classification of cup anemometers will be mandatory in this standard. Five cup anemometers of a type has to be analyzed by the classification method and stronger requirements to wind tunnel testing have been provided.

We recommend to apply newer classifications that in detail follow the requirements in the revised IEC61400-12-1 standard of 2016.

The ACCUWIND reports are still available. Press the “Information” button.

Troels Friis Pedersen

Niklas Wiggers Hansen